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Buick Dealer Albums

Data Books and Color/Upholstery Albums (known collectively as Dealer Albums) are automobile books which are wonderful collectors items as well as valuable sources for restoration details. 

The Data Book (sometimes called a "Selling Manual") published by the Buick Division was written to help the Buick salesman to show why the Buick was better than the automotive competition. It was usually divided into a separate section for each of that year's models. The section for each model has a picture of the exterior detail for that Buick model and the interior style options, including exterior trim options, wheel options, diagrams and photos on engine features, transmission features, brake options, special  "extra-cost options" and dimensions and specifications. With text and photos, Buick describes the special features which make it superior to other automobiles. 

The Color/Upholstery Album (sometimes called a Color-Trim Album) was an automobile book published by Buick to help its showroom customers to select the color and upholstery combinations that they found most appealing for their automobile. There are generally color photos of the interior options for the various Buick models, along with swatches of the actual upholstery combinations available and the upholstery codes. Charts explain the choices of exterior and interior color combinations. There is a section with large glossy paint color samples along with their color codes.




buick color upholstery options accessories

GS 400 Sport Coupe page in a 1967 Buick Data Book



buick data book specifications

Hi-Perf GS 400 Transmission page in 1967 Buick Data Book



buick options accessories

Consoles/Instrument Panel page in 1969 Buick Data Book



parts book page

Options page in 1969 Buick Data Book



buick upholstery paint

Trim for GS-400 in 1969 Buick Color/Upholstery Album



parts book page

Leather samples with color coordination information for GS-400 in 1969 Buick Color/Upholstery Album


We carry a very large inventory of automobile manuals initially published by the factory. Some of these are the original publications, some are reprints of the originals. Some show heavy use and others are new or nearly new. Many of these items are difficult to find and our supply of each item may be limited. Our inventory is therefore highly specialized.

We welcome your email or telephone call. We have been buying and selling automobile books and literature for 25 years! Our experienced staff can answer your questions and give you that personal attention which will help you to find the most useful manual for your automobile. Your order will be shipped to you within 24 hours from our warehouse.