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1977 CHEVROLET CAR & LIGHT DUTY TRUCK Unit Repair/Overhaul Manual
1977 CHEVROLET CAR & LIGHT DUTY TRUCK Unit Repair/Overhaul Manual Description
This manual supplements the Service Manual to assist in major components that must be removed from the vehicle for service or repair. It explains how to disassemble, overhaul and reassemble major components in these vehicles. It includes such components as air conditioning compressor, 4-wheel drive front axle differential, rear axle differential carrier, power brake cylinder, engine, carburetors, starting motors, transmission and clutch, 4-wheel drive transfer case, steering, etc. Lots of helpful pictures and diagrams help you to follow the instructions in the text.
ConditionSlightly Used
Pagesapprox 250
List Price$40.89
Size8 1/2 x 11
For major repairs and restoration, this will give you helpful information along with the Service Shop manual. For specific part numbers you will need a Parts Book.